Care Information

Please see below the key steps to caring for your flowers on arrival and making them last:

  • Cut around 3-4cm off your stems at an angle.
  • Remove all leaves from the stem that will be touching the water they will be placed in.
  • Keep your blooms out of direct sunlight.
  • Replace your flowers water every 3 days (every day in warm weather).
  • Trim your stems again 2-3cm every 3 or 4 days.
  • Enjoy your blooms!

Some more specific instructions for different flower types:

  • Hydrangeas – if they are looking a little tired on arrival or in the first couple of days, fill a sink or bucket with really cold water and dunk the heads in and leave them for up to an hour. Return them to their vase and watch them bloom!
  • Roses – if roses begin to look a little brown remove the outer petals (the guard petals) and they’ll look good as new!
  • Peonies – If the flowers are stubborn and not opening a firm tap on a hard surface should get the flower moving and opening up